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Peacewhisper is located in the Four Corners region of the Southwest.


Peacewhisper is a nonprofit spiritual retreat center 

open to the public for individual or group use,

directed and non-directed retreats, days of prayer,

speakers, local gatherings, and special functions. 


The mission of Peacewhisper is to share an environment of simplicity and unique natural beauty

to enhance spiritual growth and well-being through contemplative prayer and practice.


Peacewhisper is grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition and welcomes people of all faiths and beliefs in our quest for God - united through prayer and lived out in service to others.  It is our vision to provide an environment that fosters inner healing, love, and peace through contemplative prayer and spiritual practices.  Peacewhisper strives to enhance spiritual growth and well-being, both personally and communally, as a path toward universal healing and peace.

Your Path to Inner Peace

The desert has always offered a physical and metaphorical space of silence and solitude for encounter with God, transformation, and prayer.  Peacewhisper is such a place.  Its simplicity magnifies the beauty of life and unmasks the adornment of society.  Its peace reveals much promise.  It holds a history marked by trees hundreds of years old, rock croppings that betray old dwellings, and bits of pottery that share a life once lived when the land was considered most sacred.    



 Peacewhisper Prayer


Divine Creator,

Open our eyes

to the sacredness of all life~

Open our minds

to honor the diversity~

Open our hands

to embrace one another~

Open our hearts

to the unfolding gift of our journeys~

Open our entire being

to embody your healing, love,

and peace to the world.






Peacewhisper with questions or to make a reservation. 

Peacewhisper is an incorporated, non-profit, 501(c)(3)
tax exempt organization governed by a board of directors.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 595
Dove Creek, CO  81324
Barb and Rick Kollenkark

Peacewhisper is open March through November.

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