The silence and solitude that Peacewhisper offers make it especially conducive for the contemplative path.  This inner journey, one of descent and transformation toward the Divine presence that dwells within each person, is enhanced through Centering Prayer.  While there are many prayer paths to God, Centering Prayer is one method that prepares the spiritual faculties for the inner flow of grace and love.
Peacewhisper offers a sacred place for personal and spiritual growth. 
~  Come on your own or with a group.
~  Plan your own retreat or allow us to tailor a retreat for you or your group.
~  Attend a spiritually directed retreat. 
~  Attend a topic specific retreat (e.g. Centering Prayer, Lectio Divina, Grief).
~  Attend a day of prayer with lunch. 
~  Use Peacewhisper for youth activities.
~  Schedule an outing or group meeting for the day with lunch.
We invite you to take some time away from busy schedules, noise, and clutter and enter a quiet, peaceful space to renew and refresh your spirit.
A man reading in the chapel - Contact our rental facility for religious seminars and spiritual retreats. Located in Dove Creek, Colorado.


 Individual and group retreats:  

                         $45 per person, per night for lodging if you bring and prepare your own meals in our new guest kitchen                         

$75 per person, per night for lodging and meals

Spiritual direction is available (free-will offering)


2018 Scheduled Retreats

Introduction to Centering Prayer

May 4 ~ 7

Retreat will include instruction and practice of Centering Prayer.  This retreat is for those who

wish to learn the practice and those who wish to increase or strengthen their practice.

Cost:  $235

Lectio Divina

August 3 ~ 6

Lectio Divina, divine or sacred reading, is an ancient Christian comtemplative practice found in the

beginnings of monasticism.  This prayer fosters a receptive attitude as we listen to how God is addressing us

in a particular text of Scriipture.  The Living Word of God speaks to us where we are on our path today, enlightens

us, guides our daily living, and opens us to a deeper relationship with God.

Cost:  $235

Both retreats will be facilitated by Barb Kollenkark,

who has been practicing and teaching Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina for 30 years. 


6-day Centering Prayer Post-Intensive Retreat

August 20 ~ 25

              Post-Intensive retreats emphasize increased silence and increased periods of Centering Prayer.

Prior Centering Prayer practice suggested.  Retreat is silent from Monday evening through Friday afternoon.

Christine Bender from the Contemplative Outreach Center in Denver, 

and Barb Kollenkark from Peacewhisper will facilitate.

Cost:  $395



Retreats allow ample time for silence, prayer, reading, hiking, walking the labyrinth and Stations of the Cross.

Retreat cost includes lodging, meals, and spiritual direction if desired.

Retreats are facilitated by Barb Kollenkark, a trained presenter of the Centering Prayer method by Contemplative Outreach.  

Barb has been practicing Centering Prayer daily for over 30 years and teaching the method for 15 years.




A retreat to the desert creates a space of surrender and acceptance, limits and potential, connection and awe.  The process of transformation is not an isolated journey; when one heart is transformed, many are blessed and the world becomes a better place. 

"Peace in the world begins with peace in the soul."

Archbishop Fulton Sheen



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