Retreat Center

Peacewhisper consists of several buildings constructed on the south rim of Lake Canyon. 

Main Facility

Ultra-low impact designs, materials, and building methods are utilized in order to blend naturally with the environment.  Slump block is the primary wall material and blends beautifully with the surrounding colors.  Floor space of the walk-out basement and main floor is 3400 square feet with a 600 square feet adjoining casita.  The facility can sleep 8-10 and at least 20 with additional dome space and beautiful and serene camping spots.

Peacewhisper is in a near-wilderness location, thus all traditional utilities are unavailable.  The primary source of power is solar with a gas generator for back-up as required.  Propane is used for cooking.  A 2,000 gallon fresh water concrete cistern is installed and we have acquired an unlimited supply of water only a few miles away.



Top:  Main facility with spiral staircase leading to the rooftop deck which has a 360 degree view above the juniper and pinyon treeline

Middle:  Back entrance to sitting area, library, office, and 2 bedrooms

Bottom:  Front entrance                  

Main Facility - Common Spaces

Main Facility - Kitchen

Casita and Bedrooms 

The solar powered center and casita can accommodate 8-10 overnight guests and 25 for day use.  Beautiful campsites near the center are also available for larger groups. 

Spring House Hermitage

Completed in July, 2009, the hermitage utilizes the sandstone cliff-top as its foundation and floor.  The D-shaped stone building comfortably rises from the rock in virtually undisturbed surroundings, giving one the feeling that it belongs there and now is part of this cliff.  Spring House is a solitary hermitage located one mile from the center. 

Geodesic Dome

Our unique 'double dome' has been used as a residence, dormitory, exercise, and meeting room.  It is located on the rim of Lake Canyon about 200 yards west of the center.

This dome was a first for Pacific Domes of Ashland, Oregon, as they had never before joined two domes together with a single hoop.

The result is an unobstructed view from the small 12' entry dome, through the hoop that connects it to the 30' dome, out the bay window, and across the canyon towards the Abajo Mountains.

In June of 2005, 5 volunteers erected the steel frame on the foundation and installed the covering, all in only 17 hours.  The paint on the other hand, which is actually tinted roof coating, took Rick and Barb 10 days to complete.  The colors were chosen to blend naturally with the environment.

Through the 22' x 11' bay window you overlook Lake Canyon and view the Abajo Mountains 30 miles northwest. 

 Two 165 watt solar panels and four deep cycle batteries supply the dome with electricity.



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