Case Statement

 Foster the Whisper of Peace in Every Heart.

~  A Case of Support for Peacewhisper Spiritual Retreat Center  ~


Peacewhisper is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) spiritual retreat center southwest of Dove Creek, Colorado which offers the much needed opportunity to retreat from one’s busy lifestyle and enter the simplicity and peace of the desert.  Incorporated in 2002, Peacewhisper is distinctive as a retreat center in its vision and mission, its location, its property design, and its ability to benefit thousands of people in the surrounding communities.


It is the mission of Peacewhisper to provide a contemplative environment and offer prayer and spiritual opportunities in order to promote healing and the growth of peace in the human heart and society at large.  Peacewhisper will serve individuals, groups and organizations in need of sacred space for retreats and conferences.  Specialized workshops and retreats by experienced presenters will be offered throughout the year, or the facility may be rented for group use or community functions.  Its natural beauty and peaceful environment will provide ample opportunities for groups of all sizes and ages.


The unique location of Peacewhisper is marked by juniper trees hundreds of years old, rock formations, and bits of pottery that reveal its ancient and sacred qualities.  The design of Peacewhisper is distinctive in its use of ultra-low impact designs, materials and building methods which are intended to protect and complement the existing geology and surroundings.


Peacewhisper is the only retreat center of its kind within a 100 mile radius, making it a vital addition to the surrounding communities.  Approximately 50 small towns and cities will benefit not only from the space and programs offered, but also from the employment and volunteer opportunities that will be available.  Peacewhisper has the potential to serve over one hundred and fifteen churches alone in the adjacent counties in addition to service, youth, and other organizations.  It is unique in its size; no other retreat center in the area offers 320 acres of natural space for use by its participants.


Peacewhisper will be able to accommodate 10-20 people overnight (depending on accommodations desired) for each retreat with the ability to facilitate 15-25 retreats or functions per year.  Cost per client will be affordable and comparable to other retreat centers of this nature, although a sliding scale will be utilized for individuals and groups who are in need of financial assistance.  A Stations of the Cross meditative walk and a seven-circuit labyrinth are open to the public free of charge.


Peacewhisper is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees which is active in its planning and implementation.  Ten newsletters have been sent to over 500 recipients each mailing that keeps them up-to-date on Peacewhisper’s plans and progress and invites participation through time and talent as well as financial donations. offers another avenue of communication and shares the background and history of Peacewhisper.


Donors can feel confident that Peacewhisper will use donated funds for general operating costs unless designated toward a particular purchase or program.  All donations will be recorded and accounted for in an annual budget and all expenditures are approved by the Board of Trustees.  All donors are highly encouraged to participate in the many retreat and program opportunities or to take a tour of the facility at any time.


Through years of prayer, a vision to foster individual and communal healing, love, and peace and a center to help facilitate this transformation unfolded.  This vision became a reality in the embodiment of Peacewhisper.  Years of leadership work with religious and community programs with youth, adults, and elderly will ensure that its owners effectively deliver quality retreats and programs.  Educational experience in community leadership and spiritual direction and additional training and experience in various forms of contemplative prayer will increase the number of growth opportunities for participants.


The successful operation of Peacewhisper will benefit the local economy and communities in numerous ways.  Increased tourism will be evident in local community businesses and surrounding historic sites; employment and volunteer activities will be increased for community members of all ages; a place of beauty and solitude will be introduced into the area which will be available for all types of community activities.  We believe that Peacewhisper will become a place where people of all ages, religions, and purpose congregate to renew not only their own personal spirit, but also revitalize the missions of other community and service programs.  Consequently, it allows leaders in the religious, business, and service industry to better contribute to the health and prosperity of their own communities.


With your support, Peacewhisper will become a valuable resource and service in the area and beyond.



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