Operational Activities

 1.  A Spiritual Facility
  • Attend a scheduled retreat, day of prayer, or seminar.
  • Facility for use by individuals and groups to come on their own or bring their own facilitators; local community gatherings; and special functions
  • Spring House hermitage for a solitary experience 
  • Chapel for prayer or liturgy 
  • Library with numerous spiritual resources
  • Simple, yet aesthetic accommodations
  • Enjoy nutritious meals or choose to bring food and do your own cooking.      
  • Spend the days as you wish or request a staff facilitator to guide your retreat experience.
  • Observe the magnificent night sky devoid of any light reflection from the rooftop deck.



2.  Sacred Space

  • Areas in the retreat facility and on the grounds for silence and solitude, prayer and reflection
  • Contemplative areas for individual or group use that can be reserved ahead to ensure solitude
  • Meditative walk through the Stations of the Cross
  • Labyrinth
  • Hiking trails

       3.  Spiritual Services

  • Directed Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina retreats
  • Retreats, days of prayer, and seminars with facilitators of various expertise (i.e. Spirituality of Daily Life, Dream Workshop, Letting Go, Prayer, etc.)
  • Spiritually directed retreats upon request
  • Spiritual direction
  • Opportunities to hear various speakers and spiritual leaders
  • Opportunities for spiritual growth through communal prayer
  • Opportunities to share spiritual practices and spiritual conversation with others

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