The Abajo Mountains to the west and an old dwelling (or an old still some say)
amidst the 90 acres of winter wheat. 
                The surrounding 230 acres are covered with trees, sage, cactus, and wildflowers in spring and summer. 

History of the Property 

The site of Peacewhisper and the surrounding property were acquired in 1996 from the family given the original homestead patent by the United States.  It soon became obvious that this old homestead had retained most of its ancient Colorado Plateau qualities.  The perimeter fencing and canyon rims had protected it from the adjacent Bureau of Land Management grazing lands, leaving it pristine and thick with pinyon and old growth juniper trees.  The earth was red, with areas of fragile biocryptic soil, bare sandstone, and the occasional shard of a 700 year-old pot.  Clearly, this was a unique piece of land that presented a very rare custodial opportunity.

Maintaining these valuable ancient qualities has been paramount in the design and building of Peacewhisper.


Founders' Story - Rick and Barb Kollenkark   

The vision of Peacewhisper began many years ago with a desire to provide sacred space and spiritual retreat services for the healing and spiritual growth of others, and began to materialize when Rick and Barb purchased this piece of ground in the high desert of southeastern Utah.  The experience of peace and potential that overwhelmed them set the gears in motion to actualize their dream.

Rick and Barb have been blessed with 43 years of marriage, two daughters and sons-in-law, and 5 beautiful granddaughters.  Rick's background includes 39 years in the construction and lumber business (27 years in Routt County).  He owned and operated two lumber yards, one in Hayden, Colorado and the other in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Rick has designed and is the general contractor of the retreat facility.

Since 1990, education and ministry have been Barb's main priorities in order to address the needs of the spiritual community and a spiritual retreat center.  Her efforts have been focused in prayer, community development and leadership, spiritual direction, theology, Scripture, and retreat work.  She received certification for spiritual direction from the Vincentian Institute in Denver, Colorado in 1996; received a Masters Degree in Community Leadership and Spiritual Direction from Regis University in Denver in 2002; and a commissioning from Contemplative Outreach, Ltd. to present the Centering Prayer method in 2003.

Now, after years of preparation and planning, they have embarked on the biggest adventure of their lives, one in which they invite you to share.

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