Dedication and Blessing of Peacewhisper

On June 23, 2007, over eighty people celebrated the dedication and blessing of Peacewhisper.  The morning began with an outdoor Mass celebrated by Monsignor Tom Dentici, Monsignor George Schroeder, Father Larry Gallegos, assisted by Deacon John Franklin.  The sun was shining brightly throughout the Mass and a beautiful hummingbird hovered by Monsignor Dentici during his moving homily.   A stone slab served as as temporary altar for the Mass.  The tabernacle was designed and crafted by Bob Derkash and will remain permanently at Peacewhisper.

Preparation for this day was truly an example of community.  Friends and family members contributed their time and talents to Peacewhisper during the previous months and throughout the day of dedication and blessing.  Many people graciously gave their time to prepare the floors, sew quilts, build beds, hang doors, paint, plant flowers, wash windows, and install fixtures, cabinets, and appliances.  Work was also begun on restoring the landscape around the building site in preparation for the day.   On the Dedication Day, the community continued to help with the liturgy, music, and food.

Above (left to right):  A celebration cake with the new Peacewhisper logo made by Donna Mae Halsted; Barb and Rick; Board of Directors (Joe Purkat, Mark Fischer, Tim Reeber, Susie Lee, Chris Steuben, Sr. George Antoinette, and founders, Barb and Rick Kollenkark).

Many friends and family members shared this beautiful and glorious day by enjoying a meal, walking the Stations of the Cross, hiking, visiting the 'rock house', meditating within the labyrinth, admiring the views, and conversing with friends and family.



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